Preliminary Credential Program & PPS Certificate of Clearance

Certificate of Clearance Application Requirement for Preliminary Credential Programs & PPS

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Candidates must obtain legal clearance in order to enter the program. It is a two-step process for candidates that live in California: 

  1. Candidates must download and complete a Live Scan Form. The form is then brought to a live scan office and the candidate is fingerprinted. 

  2. Once fingerprinting is completed, the candidate applies for clearance on the CTC Website.

Once CTC has received payment, they will issue an electronic confirmation to the candidate. This payment confirmation should be included with the application materials. Do not attach the live scan form to your application. This process can take one to two months to complete. Please start on this early. 

Candidates that hold another type of clearance on the CTC site (eg: sub permit) can use this clearance in lieu of CofC. Please provide a copy of the clearance you hold when submitting the application. 

Candidates that reside outside of California should contact their local fingerprinting office for instructions on how to submit fingerprints out-of-state. 

Note: Please complete all paperwork carefully. If there is any mismatch between names, social security number, birthdate, etc., then this will cause a major delay in paperwork being processed and the Cof C to be issued. Candidates that have any legal issues in their background should begin this process at least 4-6 months before deadline. Candidates that do not have clearance in place by close of admission cycle will be denied entrance to the credential program. Process subject to change.

Certificate of Clearance Instructions for Filing

Live Scan Form