Preliminary Credential Program Application Legal Seminar

Legal Seminar Application Requirement for Preliminary Credential Programs

Multiple Subject

Single Subject

Education Specialist

A candidate must complete a legal seminar prior to entering the program. This brief seminar covers information about illegal discrimination, sexual harassment and suspected child abuse and reporting requirements. 

Candidates that currently attend SSU are required to complete this seminar and submit proof of completion when submitting their application. Candidates should contact the Student Services / Credentials Office ( and request that the legal seminar be placed in their Canvas account. 

Once this seminar has been completed, the candidate will attach the Certificate of Completion to their application. 

Candidates that do not attend SSU cannot complete this requirement until they have been fully matriculated. Once they have received an SSU email, they will then contact the Student Services / Credentials Office ( to request the seminar is placed in their account. 

Candidates will have a hold placed on their account until this seminar has been completed.

Contact the Credentials Office if you have any questions.