Preliminary Credential Program Application Basic Skills Requirement

Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) for Preliminary Credential Programs

Multiple Subject

Single Subject

Education Specialist

Candidates must demonstrate basic proficiency in reading, math and writing. Candidates can satisfy BSR through completion of university level coursework, or through passage of an exam. The BSR requirement must be met prior to starting the program. 

Completion of coursework (AB-130). Please view guidelines on CTC website for approved coursework which can be used for this requirement. If candidates wish to satisfy BSR through coursework, they will complete a BSR Self Report Form. They will return the form, along with an unofficial transcript, which verifies the coursework they have identified for the requirement for review. Coursework will NOT be reviewed and evaluated if an application has not been submitted. Neither staff or faculty will provide verbal evaluations. All evaluation decisions will be provided in writing, by the Senior Credential and Student Services Coordinator, as outlined by the process above. 

Passage of an Exam. Candidates can meet BSR through passage of one or more of the exams  listed below. If candidates have not taken the exam prior to submitting their application, they must attach proof of registration. Candidates who have completed this requirement need to attach a PDF of appropriate exam to their application. If this requirement was met through passage of SAT, ACT or AP exams, please contact the Credentials Office at for information on how to submit an official score report.

The exams that are accepted are: 

  • SAT: This exam is taken as a Junior or Senior in high school 
  • ACT: This exam is taken as a Junior or Senior in high school 
  • AP: This exam is typically taken as a Senior in high school 
  • CBEST: This exam is taken post high school.
  • CSET Writing: This exam is taken post high school. This can only be taken in conjunction with CSET Multiple Subject.

Please check the CTC website for additional information on required scores.

Note: Registration for the CBEST & CSET Writing is found online at It is recommended that candidates request for scores to be reposted to SSU.