Preliminary Credential Program Application Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation Requirement for Preliminary Credential Programs

Multiple Subject

Single Subject

Education Specialist

A candidate must provide two official letters of recommendation. Recommendations can come from instructors, supervisors or members of the community.  Family members cannot provide letters. It is recommended that one letter is provided by an instructor and the second letter is provided by the educator who oversaw the field experience work. However, a candidate can choose whomever they wish.

The recommender should speak to the candidate’s readiness and qualifications for entering a teaching preparation program. It should address some or all of the following:

  • Capacity in which they worked with the candidate

  • Length of time they have known the candidate

  • An evaluation of the candidate’s

    • Aptitude and passion for teaching

    • Openness to exploring new ideas and perspectives

    • Commitment to lifelong learning

    • Ability to communicate and work with children, adolescents and adults

    • Dependability, conscientiousness, reliability and trustworthiness

    • Any other qualities that demonstrate the candidate’s qualifications as a credential student and future public school teacher

Letters of recommendation MUST be submitted directly by the recommender in one of two ways:

  1. Uploaded to Cal State Apply Application. 

  2. Emailed to Credentials Office at *

*Option #2 can only be used by candidates that are not required to complete a Cal State Application.