Preliminary Credential Programs Application Overview

Application Overview for Preliminary Credential Programs 

Multiple Subject

Single Subject

Education Specialist

Preliminary Credential Program Application Submission Periods

Fall Admission: October 1st – February 28th

Spring Admission: August 1st – September 30th

Check our Admissions webpage for application deadlines and extensions.     

Requirements to enter Preliminary Credential Program

  1. Degree verified from accredited university

  2. GPA: 2.50 (cumulative) or 2.75 in last 60 semester units

Pre-Req Courses to enter Multiple Subject Credential Program

Pre-Reqs Completed: EDUC 417 and EDMS 419

Pre-Req Courses to enter Single Subject Credential Program

Pre-Reqs Completed: EDUC 417 and EDSS 418

Overview of application process

Candidates submit one application if they currently attend SSU as a post-bac student and are completing a MA Program, Credential Program or are taking the pre-reqs as a post-grad student. Please contact SOE ( for the SOE application.

Candidates submit two applications if they are not currently attending SSU as a post-bac student. The primary application is Cal State Apply. Once this has been submitted, please contact SOE for the Credential Application. It is highly recommended that Cal State be submitted as least two weeks prior to the deadline in order to ensure the applications can be reviewed and missing items noted. 

Candidates cannot move forward to the interview stage until applications are complete.

Documents to submit

  1. Statement of Purpose

  2. Basic Skills Requirement (submit one of following): 

    1. confirmation of passage of exam 

    2. registration of exam

  3. Subject Matter Competency (submit one of following): 

    1. confirmation of completion of waiver program

    2.  passage of CSET exam 

    3. registration of CSET exam

    4. BA Degree in qualifying major

  4. 45 hours of pre-program field experience form

  5. Official transcripts of all universities attended 

  6. Two official letters of recommendation

  7. Certificate of Clearance

  8. Tuberculosis Clearance

  9. Legal Seminar: Certificate of Completion (SSU students)

Contact Us

Contact the Credentials Office with any admission or application questions. More information can be found on our website.