Preliminary Credential Programs Application Overview

Application Overview for Preliminary Credential Programs 

Multiple Subject

Single Subject

Education Specialist

Preliminary Credential Program Application Submission Periods

Fall Admission: October 1st – February 28th

Spring Admission: August 1st – September 30th

Check our Admissions webpage for application deadlines and extensions.     

Requirements to enter Preliminary Credential Program

  1. Degree verified from accredited university

  2. GPA: 2.50 (cumulative) or 2.75 in last 60 semester units

Pre-Req Courses to enter Multiple Subject Credential Program

Pre-Reqs Completed: EDUC 417 and EDMS 419

Pre-Req Courses to enter Single Subject Credential Program

Pre-Reqs Completed: EDUC 417 and EDSS 418

Overview of application process

Candidates submit one application if they currently attend SSU as a post-bac student and are completing a MA Program, Credential Program or are taking the pre-reqs as a post-bac student. Please contact SOE ( for the SOE application.

Candidates cannot move forward to the interview stage until they have submitted a complete application.

Documents to submit

  1. Statement of Purpose

  2. Basic Skills Requirement (submit one of following): 

    1. confirmation of passage of exam 

    2. registration of exam

  3. Subject Matter Competency (submit one of following): 

    1. confirmation of completion of waiver program

    2.  passage of CSET exam 

    3. registration of CSET exam

    4. BA Degree in qualifying major

  4. 45 hours of pre-program field experience form

  5. Official transcripts of all universities attended 

  6. Two official letters of recommendation

  7. Certificate of Clearance

  8. Tuberculosis Clearance

  9. Legal Seminar: Certificate of Completion (SSU students)

Contact Us

Contact the Credentials Office with any admission or application questions. More information can be found on our website.