Preliminary Credential Program Application Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose Application Requirement for Preliminary Credential Programs

Multiple Subject

Single Subject

Education Specialist

Please include the following three elements in your statement of purpose:

  • A brief personal history leading to your decision to become a teacher including your education and activities that directly relate to teaching.

  • The knowledge, skills and professional dispositions that you believe are essential for the teaching profession.

  • An explanation of why you chose Sonoma State University to pursue your teaching credential with a focus on the School of Education’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values and how these statements support your own vision of teaching and learning.

Sonoma State University SOE: Mission Statement

The School of Education provides transformative educational experiences through teaching, research, and key initiatives. We prepare undergraduates, graduate students and credential candidates to advocate for social justice in their learning and throughout their careers so that students, schools, and communities flourish.

Sonoma State University SOE: Core Values

  1. We believe that examining and respecting human differences is central to educational inclusivity.

  2. We believe that collaboration and community partnerships strengthen our work.

  3. We take a critical and reflective stance in light of educational and social inequities. 

  4. We are committed to equity and access in education for all students.

  5. We promote meaningful learning through theoretically sound and research-based pedagogies.

Statement of Purpose should be 2-3 pages in length and must be uploaded to Cal State Apply as a PDF or submitted with SOE Application as a PDF depending on how you are submitting your application.