Minor in Education

The Minor in Education provides students opportunities to obtain knowledge and focused experience in the education field.  It is appropriate for students who are interested in teaching in public and private schools or who wish to pursue educational positions in non-classroom settings, such as parks and recreation program educators, museum docents, etc. 

Students will examine the foundations of teaching and learning, analyze the institution of public education broadly and across social contexts, and explore equitable educational practices and policies. For students interested in a teaching career, courses can be chosen to satisfy all of the prerequisites needed for admission into a teacher credential program at Sonoma State University. 

Course offerings focus on: 

  • Educating students to be critical participants in and creators of educational contexts—formal and non-formal—that are powerful for all learners

  • Promoting the value of diversity in strengthening learning environments and our society

  • Building critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills

  • Promoting reflection and creativity in educational design, curriculum, assessment, research, and policy development

Minor in Education Curriculum

Choose courses as indicated from each of the four categories below. A total of 18 units is required. Please work with the Education Minor advisor to select courses that best meet your interests and career goals.

Human Development and Learning. Choose one course from the following options (3 units).

  • EDEC 110 Understanding Development: Birth through Adolescence
  • EDEC 250 Intro to Lifespan Development
  • EDSS 418 Development in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Education and Democracy. Choose two courses from the following options (6 units).

  • EDMS 250 The Evolution of Public Education
  • EDSS 417 School and Society
  • EDEL 300 Leadership, Learning, and Democracy 

Equity and Social Justice in Education. Choose two courses from the following options (6 units)

  • EDEC 270 Families and Children in Diverse Societies
  • EDEC 450 Empowerment and Equity for Children and Families
  • EDMS 419* Identity and Agency for Socially Just Classrooms and Communities
  • EDSP 217 Foundations of Social Justice in Special Education
  • EDSP 418* Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Special Educators
  • SOCI 451 Sociology of Education

*Choose EDSP 418 or EDMS 419, but not both. The courses have similar content.


Choose an additional course from the above categories or from the following options to complete at least 18 units.

  • EDEC 437 Integrated Curriculum with Field Experience
  • EDMS 422 College to Career through Service Learning
  • EDSS 410 Fieldwork and Seminar in Science Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC 295 Community Involvement Program
  • EDUC 390 Selected Topics in Education
  • EDUC 490 Selected Topics in Education
  • ENGL 491 Seminar in Teaching Composition
  • MATH 390 Fieldwork and Seminar: Secondary Mathematics Teaching
  • CALS 219 The Latino Experience
  • CALS 445 Chicano/Latino History
  • CALS 456 Sociology of Education/Latinos and Education

Are you deciding between the Education minor and the Early Childhood Studies minor?

The Education minor is appropriate for students who want to work with older elementary, middle school, or high school students. It is also a great choice for anyone who is generally interested in education or who anticipates that education might be a significant part of their career (museum docent, park ranger, trainer, etc.)

The Early Childhood Studies minor is appropriate for students who want to work with younger children (birth to age 8) in child care programs, preschools, the early elementary grades, health care settings, etc.  If you are interested in teaching in transitional kindergarten (a high need area), the Early Childhood Studies minor will give you the 24 units of required early childhood coursework; you will also need a Multiple Subject teaching credential.

For more information, please contact Giselle Perry for the Education minor or ECS minor.