Child Development Permit

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The California Child Development Permit is issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). The permit is organized into different levels, each authorizing the holder to perform different levels of service in child development programs. Some information about the permit can be found on the Child Development Permit Matrix, and additional information is available from CCTC.

Applications for a Child Development Permit should be sent directly to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  Visit the website at CCTC Child Development Permits for an application and instructions.

Most permit levels require the holder to earn course units in three core areas: Child/Human Growth and Development; Child, Family, and Community; and Programs/Curriculum. Additional units in child development/early childhood education, as well as experience working in an early childhood program, may also be required.

The following courses satisfy CCTC requirements for coursework in each of the permit categories. Please keep in mind that courses are not offered every year; careful planning is needed to complete coursework in an efficient and timely manner.

For more information contact the Early Childhood Studies Advisor.

Course Work

Child Growth and Development

  • EDEC 110 Understanding Development: Birth through Adolescence (3 units)

  • PSY 410  Child Development (4 units)

Child, Family, and Community

  • EDEC 270  Children and Families in a Diverse Society (4 units)

  • PSY 418  Psychology of the Family (3-4 units)

  • SOC 345  Sociology of Families (4 units)

Early Childhood Programs/Curriculum

  • *EDEC 237  Preschool Curriculum with Field Experience (4 units)

  • EDEC 238 Preschool Curriculum (3 units)

  • EDEC 290 Infant & Toddler Curriculum & Development

  • EDEC 291 Preschool Curriculum and Development

  • *EDEC 437  Integrated Curriculum with Field Experience (4 units)

General Early Childhood Development

  • EDEC courses that focus on children from birth to age 5 fit this category

  • EDSP 432 Young Children with Special Needs

Supervised Field Experience

  • *EDEC 220 Child Observation and Field Experience (only 1 unit courts as field experience)

  • *EDEC 237 Preschool Curriculum and Field Experience (only 1 unit counts as field experience)

  • EDEC 290L Infant/Toddler Curriculum and Development Lab (2 units)

  • EDEC 291L Preschool Curriculum and Development Lab (2 units)

  • *EDEC 437 Integrated Curriculum and Field Experience (only 1 unit counts as field experience)

*Some courses are listed in more than one category.  However, a course that has been used to meet the requirement in one category cannot double-count towards another category.  You must take one course in each of the categories specified on the permit matrix.