Preliminary Credential Program

Program Overview 

The Preliminary Credential program focuses on entry-level skills for effective administration with emphasis on the responsibilities of school site leaders. The program is 27 semester units and can be completed in two semesters, Fall and Spring. The program is conducted in a cohort format. A portion of each course is also conducted in an on-line format with students completing assignments and communicating in an asynchronous manner during the semester. Two fieldwork courses, one each semester, provide candidates the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained in the program at their own worksite or other sites in the community in order to gain practical experience in leadership while directly linking theory and practice.

Program Structure 

The program is designed to be completed in one year (two semesters). A cohort model is utilized with all candidates beginning the program during August and completing the program the following May. Class sessions meet weekly, with portions of each class conducted asynchronously online. The weekday classes meet from 4-9:30pm.  A course schedule is provided to students at the beginning of each semester.

Required Courses (30 units)


  • EDEL 530 (4 units): Visionary Leadership
  • EDEL 531 (4 units): School Improvement Leadership
  • EDEL 532 (4 units): Professional Learning and Growth Leadership
  • EDEL 587A (3 units): Field Experience in Administration


  • EDEL 533(4 units): Instructional Improvement Leadership
  • EDEL 534 (4 units): Systems and Organizational Leadership
  • EDEL 535 (4 unit): Community Leadership
  • EDEL 587B (3 units): Advanced Field Experience in Administration