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The Administrative Services Credential (ASC) program is housed under Educational Leadership & Special Education (ELSE) and was designed to prepare graduates for positions of leadership in P-12 educational settings. The ASC Programs includes the - Intern Credential Program- as an option for those who qualify. The Preliminary Credential authorizes the holder to serve as a vice principal, principal, coordinator, program director, superintendent, or other district or county level administrative positions. The Intern Credential authorizes individuals to serve in administrative positions while completing the approved program for a Preliminary Credential.

Sonoma State University offers the Administrative Services Credential (ASC) to candidates in our service area. Candidates enroll in courses as a “cohort.” This cohort structure is a strength of the program allowing for deeper exploration of concepts and continuity of instruction. The newly designed program consists of 8 courses (4 in the fall and 4 in spring) for a total of 30 semester units. Candidates admitted to the program have the option of completing their M.A. degree, in addition to the completion of requirements for their Preliminary Credential. Candidates are admitted for the Fall semester of each year. Interns are part of a cohort that begins in the Fall semester. Interns should inquire about the possibility of late admissions with the department chair during summer months.

The ASC program rationale is based on the fact that there are relatively new California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPEs 2017) and the new state-required California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA 2019). The CAPEs and CalAPA substantiate the need for instructional leadership and school improvement leadership with an equity-driven lens in the public schools. Throughout the ASC courses, candidates progress from theory to concrete applications and practice of what is being studied. Candidates are called upon to critique and redefine their knowledge, beliefs, and assumptions about learning and leadership. Multiple learning opportunities are provided to candidates throughout the program to reflect upon their personal awareness and understanding of how to creating culturally sustaining learning environments for all students.

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Orlando Carreón