MA in Educational Leadership

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Program Overview 

The MA in Educational Leadership is housed under the Education Leadership and Special Education (ELSE) Department. Courses are taken over a two year period, amounting to 33 units earned. The program is designed to support graduate students as they continue on a path of lifelong learning as a necessary aspect of being a professional educator. We prepare students to be advocates for social justice and culturally sustaining practitioners in their work with students and in their communities. Our program embodies the SSU core value of connectivity and community engagement through fieldwork and field-based research assignments. Graduate students in our program acquire the knowledge and skills that enable them to be adaptable and responsive in meeting the challenges of serving and educating others for the 21st century.

The MA in Educational Leadership is designed for school administrators, teachers, and education professionals who aspire to a leadership role in PK-12 education. Required classes  for the MA includes 24 units of coursework from the Administrative Services Credential Program. Ensuing coursework for the completion of the MA in Educational Leadership focuses on research methodologies and targeted areas of concentration for either the thesis or cognate project. All coursework provides advanced study using developmentally and culturally appropriate curricula, pedagogy, and methods of assessment.

Program Structure

In order to complete the MA in Educational Leadership, candidates must first complete the SSU Administrative Services Credential Program.

Educational Leadership Program (33 units) 

Administrative Services Credential Program Courses (30 units):

The following course must be completed for the Administrative Services Credential. There are no elective courses offered. Of the 30 units listed below, only 24 units will be applied to the MA in EL after completion of the program.

  • EDEL 530 (4 units): Visionary Leadership
  • EDEL 531 (4 units): School Improvement Leadership
  • EDEL 532 (4 units): Professional Growth & Culturally Sustaining Leadership
  • EDEL 533(4 units): Instructional Improvement Leadership
  • EDEL 534 (4 units): Systems and Organizational Leadership
  • EDEL 535 (4 unit): Community Leadership
  • EDEL 587A (3 units): Beginning Field Experience in Administration (Course not applied to the MA in EL)
  • EDEL 587B (3 units): Advanced Field Experience in Administration (Course not applied to the MA in EL)

Pathway to Completion Courses (9 units) 

After completing the Administrative Services Credential Program, candidates may complete either the cognate or the thesis pathway toward the MA in Educational Leadership.

Cognate Pathway Core Courses (9 units)
  • EDUC 571: Research Paradigms in Education (3 units)
  • One Elective TBD with the Program Advisor (minimum 3 units)
  • EDUC 572: Supervised Study for Cognate Project (3 units)
Thesis Pathway Core Courses (9 units)
  • EDUC 571: Research Paradigms in Education (3 units)
  • EDUC 598: Developing a Thesis/Project (3 units)
  • EDUC 599: ​​Supervised Research for Thesis/Project (3 units)