Williamson Family Scholarship for Future STEM Educators

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Purpose of Scholarship

The Williamson Family Scholarship for Future STEM Educators supports Sonoma State School of Science and Technology undergraduate students, from historically underrepresented communities, in becoming credentialed math or science teachers through the Sonoma State University’s Single Subject Credential Program. The scholarship will be awarded to a minimum of 2-3 undergraduate students per year with an average award of between $2500 and $4750 per student. Selection will be determined by a committee composed of staff and faculty involved in the School of Education’s STEM Teacher Education Pathways (STEP) Center. The funds will be distributed to recipients based on University Policy and Practices. Recipients will be asked to acknowledge their scholarship support with a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williamson.

Who is Eligible?

A student who...

  • is currently enrolled full-time as an undergraduate Sophomore or Junior (including transfer students) at Sonoma State
  • is a declared major in the School of Science & Technology 
  • demonstrates unmet financial need, as determined by the campus financial aid office
  • is in good academic standing in accordance with the School of Science & Technology

The scholarship recognizes and will select candidates who demonstrate…

  • a financial need (determined through the financial aid office)
  • merit and persistence in undergraduate STEM courses (determined through sustained excellent grades in STEM courses and/or improvement in STEM courses over time, involvement in STEM-related programs or community service, etc.)
  • commitment to completing a single subject teaching credential program at Sonoma State to teach middle school or high school math, science, or computer science to diverse learners.

Priority will be given to students involved in the MESA program.

Application Instructions 

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Attach the following documents at the end of the form:
    • Personal statement up to two single spaced pages max. The personal statement should…
      • provide a brief personal history leading to your decision to pursue a degree in the School of Science & Technology,
      • describe any challenges faced and overcome during your education, and
      • explain why you now want to teach middle/high school math, science, or computer science to a diverse student populatio  n
    • Unofficial transcript(s);
    •  Letter of endorsement from someone familiar with your merit and persistence in STEM indicating why the applicant is deserving of the scholarship.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Angelica at andrewsbuo@sonoma.edu.

We encourage you to meet with your faculty advisor to determine when you will be graduating. We also encourage you to contact the School of Education for admission requirements (credentials.office@sonoma.edu) and Dr. Ed Lyon (lyone@sonoma.edu) for additional opportunities for STEM teachers. You can also find out more through the STEP Center website.