Lisel Alice Murdock-Perriera

Assistant Professor

Lisel Murdock-Perriera
Lisel Alice Murdock-Perriera


Stevenson 2007

Office Hours

11:30-12:30 Via Zoom

I am passionate about creating, engaging in, and studying the intersections among race, language, power and social justice with young learners as well as in Early Childhood Education courses.

  • Ph.D. 2019 Stanford University Graduate School of Education, Curriculum and Teacher Education
  • MS. Ed. 2014 Bank Street College of Education, Early Childhood General and Special Education
  • A.B. 2009 Dartmouth College
Academic Interests

Diversity and inclusion; language, race, and power; social justice and how social justice is instantiated in early childhood classrooms and in early childhood education courses; teacher feedback; teacher expectancies

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood
  • Language, Literacy, and Belonging 
  • Early Childhood Environments


  • Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Studies, Sonoma State University
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Teacher Education, Alder Graduate School of Education 
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Education, Mills College
  • Instructor of Record, Graduate and Undergraduate Education, Stanford University
Selected Publications & Presentations


Recent Peer-reviewed and invited publications: 

*Murdock-Perriera, L. A., Boucher, K. L., Carter, E. R. & Murphy, M. (2019). Belonging and campus climate: Belonging interventions and institutional synergies to support student success in higher education. Higher Education Handbook of Theory and Research. New York, NY: Springer.

Murdock-Perriera, L. A., & Sedlacek, Q. C. (2018). Questioning  Pygmalion in the twenty-first century: the formation, transmission, and attributional influence of teacher expectancies. Social Psychology of Education, 21(3), 691-707.

Brannon, T. N., Carter, E. R., Murdock‐Perriera, L. A., & Higginbotham, G. D. (2018). From Backlash to Inclusion for All: Instituting Diversity Efforts to Maximize Benefits Across Group Lines. Social Issues and Policy Review, 12(1), 57-90.

*Carter, E. R., Brady, S. T., Murdock‐Perriera, L. A., Gilbertson, M. K., Ablorh, T., & Murphy, M. C. (2019). The racial composition of students’ friendship networks predicts perceptions of injustice and involvement in collective action. Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology, 3(1), 49-61.

Selected recent conference presentations:

*Murdock-Perriera, L.A. 2019. “I’m ready for this conversation”: Linguistic belonging and discussions about language and power in early elementary classrooms. Literacy Research Association annual conference. Peer-reviewed; acceptance rate 40%.

*Murdock-Perriera, L.A. 2019. Teachers’ plans and enactment of conversations about language and power; 9th International Conference on Education and Social Justice. Peer-reviewed; acceptance rate unlisted.

*Brazer, Murdock-Perriera & Hesterberg. 2019. Teacher-led communities of practice that promote teacher and student learning. University Council for Educational Administration annual conference. Peer-reviewed; acceptance rate unlisted.