Laura Belfiglio Gold

Lecturer and Supervisor

Laura Belfiglio
Laura Belfiglio Gold

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  • Married to Dr. Joseph Gold
  • Mother of Ted, archeologist and Elle, writer/baker and dogs, Sol and Bo
  • Teacher and administrator for 20+ years in SFUSD
  • National Boards Certified in Literacy
  • Learning disabled (dyslexia)
  • training in literacy at Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Co-founder KITAB - non-profit in Greece designed to match student who are refugees with teachers and educational opportunities
  • award winning writer (plays and poetry)
  • MA in Liberal Arts, Harvard University
  • BA in English/Political Science, DePauw University
Academic Interests
  • Equity and social justice issues and how to address these in the elementary classroom. 
  • The study and application of Universal Design for Learning to the elementary classroom in support of neurodivergent students and to counter the narrative of the ‘average learner’
  • Trauma informed practice in the elementary classroom
  • literacy from a multidisciplinary perspective

EDMS - History Social Studies Methods

  • Instructor and Supervisor at Sonoma State (2021-present), University of California at Irvine (2017-present) and USF (2015-16)
Selected Publications & Presentations

March 2022 - UCI Faculty Meeting: “Planning and Self-Assessment in the Elementary Classroom - a UDL Approach”                                                

September/October 2021 - UCI Teacher Academy: “Trauma Informed Practice in the Ongoing Pandemic”

July 2021 - CTERIN Conference. Panelist and Organizer: "Applying Anti-Racist Teaching Strategies: How We Can Better Prepare Pre-service Teachers.”

July 2020 - CTERIN Conference. Panelist - Classroom Culture in the Zoom-a-verse.