Scholarships, Awards and Recognition

CSU Residency Scholarship 

The CSU Residency Year Scholarship was begun in the 2019-20 year with an initial generous investment of $3.1 million by the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation. This past year, the $10,000 scholarship supported 328 aspiring teachers who are motivated to make a difference in their schools and communities. It helped these candidates access a clinical teaching experience spanning an entire academic year—adding to their credential with powerful real-world experience earned under the guidance of an experienced mentor teacher. Through the Residency Year Scholarship, teacher candidates focused on building their knowledge and skills with less need for outside work and less debt, to ensure that they were ready for day one as a beginning teacher.​

CSU Microsoft Scholarship

The CSU Microsoft Scholarship Program was established for CSU credential students. The scholarship is designed to serve candidates in CSU single-subject mathematics or science teacher preparation programs and is available to those committed to teaching in a high-need school for at least two years. The scholarship recognizes candidates who demonstrate a financial need and have attributes of merit, including excellent academic performance, significant personal achievements and community service.