Pathways to Becoming a Math, Science, or Computer Science Teacher

Undergraduate Degree Pathways

Which one is right for me?

I want to teach... Recommended subject matter pathway
Middle School Science or High School General Science
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, OR Earth Science (also allows you to teach middle school science high school general science)

Middle School Math or High School General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Probability & Statistics 

Middle School Math or High School General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Probability & Statistics AND Trigonometry & Calculus 
Computer Science

Admission Requirements 

  • Complete Prerequisites (EDUC 417, EDSS 418) +
  • 45 Hours of Observation in School +
  • Single Subject Credential Application

How will I be supported Financially?

The credential program approximately costs $15,000. The average STEM candidate received approximately $10,500 in scholarships and stipends in 2021-2022.  

The STEP Center and partners support all candidates in affording the program through a combination of the following Scholarships, Reimbursements, and Stipends. 

CSET and CBEST Reimbursement:

As an undergraduate you can complete and send the Exam Reimbursement Form to get a reimbursement for any CSET or CBEST exam taken. You can also get reimbursed for additional CSET or other teaching exams taken as a teacher candidate. 

STEP Scholarship: 

Awarded during the Fall and Spring semester for enrolled Single Subject Math and Science Teacher Candidates. Amount varies annually and students’ unmet financial need. Typically around $2,000 per semester.  

Multiple Subject and Education Specialists who add a Single Subject Math or Science Credential will also receive a STEP Scholarship around $2,000. 

STEP Bilingual Authorization Scholarship:

Awarded for any single subject math or science teacher candidates have earned or are working on a Bilingual Authorization

North Bay Teacher Residency Program:

Be part of a teacher learning community in Santa Rosa, receive a stipend of $2000 (with opportunities to substitute teach for additional income), and commit to teaching for 4 years in the school district. 

Additional CSU wide Scholarships:

Microsoft, Joan Bissell: Scholarship availability varies from year to year. Must apply and scholarships typically around $5,000. 

How do I get Advising?

About undergraduate pathways, CSET, and subject matter programs?

Subject Contact 
BA/BS in Math

Dr. Ben Ford at Or

Dr. Martha Byrne at

BA in Physical Science  Dr. Alex Miller at
All other science undergraduate pathways, CSET, and the Foundational Level General Science (FLGS) Subject Matter Program

Dr. Ed Lyon at

Computer Science Supplementary Authorization  Dr. Rajeev Virmani at 


About admission requirements and how to apply to a Sonoma State Credential program?

Contact: Credentials Office at

Attend an Info Session. See schedule at

About requirements and other questions specific to the single subject credential program?

Contact: Dr. Ed Lyon at