Intern Program

Program Description 

The intern program is a collaboration between the Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education Department at Sonoma State University, the Beginning Teacher Program at the Sonoma County Office of Education, and participating school districts.

The intern program allows public and non public school teachers who do not hold preliminary single subject credentials to complete a credential program with supervision and mentoring while employed as teachers. Further information can be obtained from the School of Education Credentials Office or from the Intern Coordinator, Dr. Ed Lyon

To be eligible to participate in the single subject intern program, each candidate must have:

  • Earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university;
  • Completed prerequisite courses and all Phase I program courses in the single subject credential program;
  • Passed the Basic Skills Requirement via an appropriate option;
  • Passed a Subject Matter Knowledge Exam (CSET) or have completed a Subject Matter Waiver Program;
  • Completed character and identification clearance (fingerprints);
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the U.S. Constitution by providing evidence of having studied the U.S. Constitution or by passing the U.S. Constitution test;
  • Completed an application for the intern credential; and
  • Verification of employment.

To be Awarded a Teaching Credential, all Interns Must:

  • Pass the EdTPA to receive a teaching credential.

  • Successfully complete the Single Subject Intern Program.