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Program Overview 

The MA in Education with a concentration of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL) program is housed under Curriculum Studies & Secondary Education (CSSE) Department.

The Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning concentration in the MA in Education program is intended for individuals who are interested in curriculum development and implementation in PK-12 settings and in other settings such as community colleges, workplaces, and community-based educational programs.

The CTL provides concentration flexibility for a wide range of individuals, from teachers seeking to enhance the depth and breadth of their pedagogical knowledge to those seeking staff development and leadership positions in the public or private sectors. CTL applicants do not need to have a teaching credential.

Students complete core coursework and develop their 12-16 unit Area of Emphasis (AREM), an individualized program tailored to their needs and career goals. The Area of Emphasis may or may not be comprised of courses in the School of Education. It may be an established sequence of courses, such as those in Language and Literacy or in Multimodal Teaching and Learning, or it may be a unique series of courses designed collaboratively by the student and the CTL advisor.

Applicants who have recently completed a teacher credential program, can apply 9 units of credential coursework toward their MA degree. 

Program Structure

CTL Program Area of Concentration Coursework (30-36 units)

Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Core Courses (6 units) 

  • EDCT 585: Curriculum Development: Theory, Practice and Evaluation (Fall Only; 3 units)

  • EDCT 586: Teaching and Learning: Research and Application (Spring Only, 3 units)

MA Core Courses (6 units)

  • EDUC 570: The Reflective Educator (3 units)

  • EDUC 571: Research Paradigms in Education (3 units)

Area of Emphasis (AREM) Courses (12-16 units)

Courses to be determined collaboratively with the Program Advisor to meet students' personal and professional goals. Program Advisor approval required (see MA Handbook). Some Area of Emphasis include: Educational Technology, Reading and Language, Special Education and more. 

Pathway to Completion Courses (6-12 units) 

Courses to be determined collaboratively with the student's Committee (see MA Handbook). 


Prior to beginning the MA program, students meet with the CTL advisor to develop a preliminary plan for enrolling in courses. Each semester thereafter, students meet with their advisor to solidify this plan and to discuss their progress through the MA program. 

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