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3/11/24  4:30-6:30pm Residency Preview Day For all individuals potentially interested in participating in a Teacher Residency Program Sonoma State University


What is a Teacher Residency Program?

A Teacher Residency Program is one of the pathways offered at Sonoma State University for candidates pursuing teaching credentials. Instead of a traditional student teaching experience, which includes multiple shorter placements in different classrooms, a Teacher Residency Program provides credential candidates with an extended opportunity in one classroom, with one mentor teacher, for one entire academic year. This allows for the Resident to become fully immersed in the profession of teaching–starting with professional development and teacher workdays before the students begin their first day of school, and ending the year with work and reflection days after the students’ last day of school.

Sonoma State University’s Teacher Residencies start when the placement school starts in August and end when the placement school ends in June. 


Sonoma State University’s Teacher Residency Programs strive to cultivate exceptional educators, rooted in our community, to foster educational equity. This is accomplished through a comprehensive, high quality teacher residency program which includes expert, long term mentoring, relevant coursework integrated into clinical practice, and additional required professional development events for both the resident and the mentor

We believe every student deserves an exceptionally well-prepared teacher and every teacher deserves to be exceptionally well-prepared.


Museum of Tolerance student field trip
SSU 2022-2023 Residents at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles for the Educator's Workshop


To meet the increasing demand for teachers in California public schools, Sonoma State University’s School of Education (SOE), Napa Valley Unified School District (NVUSD), Petaluma City Schools (PCS),  Old Adobe Union School District, and Santa Rosa City Schools (SRCS) have partnered to develop Teacher Residency Programs). The goal is for teacher candidates who have been accepted into Sonoma State’s teacher credential program to participate in an intensive preparation program with extensive support from experts in the field so that they will  be well-prepared for our local teaching contexts.

We currently have teacher residency programs for the following high-need fields:

  • STEM (single subject, i.e. middle & high school)
  • Bilingual/ dual-immersion (multiple & single subject, i.e. tk-12)
  • Special Education
  • TK/K
  • Multiple subjects (i.e. elementary school) with a focus on diversifying the teacher workforce

Teacher candidates targeted for participation in the residency programs must be admitted into SSU’s credential programs in one of the areas above. 

Teacher residents will receive a substantial stipend to participate in the residency program along with opportunities to substitute in the district for additional income. They are also eligible for the Golden State Teacher Grant and other scholarships and stipends. 


In addition to a stipend, Residents may receive the following benefits, depending upon the specific residency in which they participate:

  • Technology (i.e. laptops)
  • Book sets for current and future classroom use
  • Classroom materials
  • Test-fee reimbursement
  • On-and-off-site professional development and field trips
  • Hiring fairs and opportunities exclusive to residents


Teacher Residency Programs are considered a “grow-your-own” model of teacher recruitment and support; as such, teacher residents should be willing to teach in the school district where they were “grown” for 4-years after receiving their credential. That being said, we understand that life circumstances change; therefore, teacher residents are required to teach for 4 years in a California public school following the completion of their residency. If they do not, they may be required to repay the stipend. 

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If you want to learn more about our teacher residencies or if your school district is interested in discussing partnerships in a teacher residency, please contact Dean Laura

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