Saro Deacon


Saro Deacon
Saro Deacon


Stevenson 2003
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I am passionate about teaching Early Childhood Studies and I consider work in this field to be of the greatest importance to our future. I work to create a learning environment that includes open-minded discussions and active participation. I believe in the power of listening, communication, and collaboration. I have two grown daughters and a granddaughter on the way! I have taught preschool, elementary school, and Community College classes, including a class for adults with special needs. I have also taught parent classes and led teacher workshops.


M.A., Multi-Subject Credential

Academic Interests

Communication skills, creative writing development, early music education, peaceful conflict resolution, active learning, the critical first five years, teaching the whole child, social-emotional development, and positive discipline.


Early Childhood Studies


Conducted ECS workshops at conferences.