Michael Suarez


Michael Suarez
Michael Suarez


Stevenson 2206

Office Hours

14:00-16:00 and by appointment

As a lecturer at SSU, I aim to cultivate dynamic learning environments that center on critical thought and deliberation. I serve as lecturer in both Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education (CSSE) and Early Childhood Studies (ECS) in the School of Education and the Department of Chicano and Latino Studies. Alongside teaching an array of courses, I also serve as edTPA coordinator for the secondary single-subject program in CSSE. My research interests focus on the history of education - with an emphasis on race-based policies, the academic pipeline for Latinx students, civic engagement, and democratic theory. Prior to teaching at the university level, I taught high school history and English language development.

  • Ph.D. Candidate (currently A.B.D.), University of Colorado at Boulder
  • M.A. in History: Modern United States History (With Distinction), University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Teaching Licenses (Colorado and Wisconsin), Edgewood College: (a) Secondary social studies (b)(k-12) English Language Development –formally titled ESL; also highly qualified in secondary English 
  • B.A. in History: United States History, minor in Latin American Studies, Western Washington University
Academic Interests
  • Foundations of Education
  • Educational Policy and Practice
  • History of Education
  • Multiculturalism, Race, and Ethnicity 
  • Critical Pedagogy 

School of Education 

  • EDEC 160A/B  Social Justice in Childhood and Adolescence 
  • EDUC 417         School and Society
  • EDSS 442         Teaching and Learning for Equity and Agency
  • EDSS 443B      Creating Effective Learning Communities: Seminar
  • EDSS 458         Student Teaching in Multicultural Settings
  • EDSS 459         Seminar for Secondary Student Teacher
  • EDUC 570        The Reflective Educator
  • EDUC 585        Curriculum Development: Theory, Practice, and Evaluation

Chicano and Latino Studies

  • CALS 219          The Latinx and Chicanx Experience
  • CALS 456         Sociology of Education/Latinos and Education
  • Lecturer, Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education, Sonoma State University
  • Lecturer, Chicano and Latino Studies, Sonoma State University
  • Research Associate, Colorado Education Initiative
  • Instructor, University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Colorado at Denver
  • Social Studies and ELD Teacher, Jefferson County School District in Colorado
Selected Publications & Presentations
  • Suarez, M. (2017). Book Review: History of Education Quarterly Aztlan Arizona: Mexican American Educational Empowerment, 1968-1978.
  • Suarez, M. & Dominguez, M. (2015). “Carrying that Weight”: ESL Teacher Negotiations Toward Advocacy & Equity. Radical Pedagogy.
  • Suarez, M. (2015). Book Review: “Comfortable Inaction, In Action” Education’s Histories Education’s Desegregating Chicago’s Public Schools: Policy Implementation, Politics, and Protest, 1965-1985.
  • Suarez, M. (2015) Article Review: “We are All Historical Actors” Youth Historians in Harlem Education’s Histories.