Ayesha Rabadi-Raol

Assistant Professor

Ayesha Rabadi-Raol
Ayesha Rabadi-Raol


Stevenson 2006

Office Hours

13:00-14:00 Via Zoom
  • Ed.D. in Early Childhood Teacher Education from Teachers College Columbia University, New York
  • M.A. in Early Childhood Education: General and Special Education (Dual Certification) from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York
  • B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India
Academic Interests
  • Anti-racist Education with a focus on Immigration and Race
  • Critical Multicultural Education for Early Childhood
  • Arts in the Early Years
  • Children's Literature, Language and Literacy with a focus on Raciolinguistics

Dr. Rabadi-Raol has taught masters level courses in the department of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York. She also has over 20 years of experience teaching in diverse early childhood settings in India, Canada and the US. 


Dr. Rabadi-Raol, is an experienced Early Childhood Educator and Teacher Educator. She is an Assistant Professor in the department of Early Childhood Studies at Sonoma State University. Her research focuses on equity and justice in early childhood teaching and teacher education, acknowledging and valuing the experiences of intersectionally minoritized children and teachers of color. Critically examining pedagogies of power and privilege and how they are enacted in and through early childhood education and teacher education, she believes in amplifying the stories of historically minoritized populations of young children and their teachers.

Selected Publications & Presentations
  • Rabadi-Raol, A. (2021). Telling Tales for Justice and Equity: Storytelling as Public Nepantla Pedagogy. Occasional Paper Series, 46(5), 36-46.
  • Rabadi-Raol, A. (2021) Teaching a Pandemic Learning Pod with Friendship, Fantasy and Fairness. International Critical Childhood Policy Studies Journal8(2), 31-39.
  • Rodriguez, V., Rojas, N. M., Rabadi-Raol, A., Souto-Manning, M. V., & Brotman, L. M. (2021). Silent Expectations: An exploration of women pre-Kindergarten teachers’ mental health and wellness during Covid-19 and beyond. Early Childhood Research Quarterly.
  • Rabadi-Raol, A. (2020). “But What if You Just Listened to the Experience of an Immigrant Teacher?”: Learning from Immigrant/Transnational Teachers of Color in Early Childhood Teacher Education. Teachers College, Columbia University.
  • Souto-Manning, M., Rabadi-Raol, A., Robinson, D., & Perez, A. (2019). What stories do my classroom and its materials tell? Preparing early childhood teachers to engage in equitable and inclusive teaching. Young Exceptional Children22(2), 62-73.
  • Souto-Manning, M., Buffalo, G., & Rabadi-Raol, A. (2019). Early childhood teacher certification as a site for the re-production of racial and cultural injustice. In Educating for social justice in early childhood (pp. 46-58). Routledge.
  • Souto-Manning, M., & Rabadi-Raol, A. (2018). (Re) Centering quality in early childhood education: Toward intersectional justice for minoritized children. Review of Research in Education42(1), 203-225.