Curriculum Studies Faculty Work

Secondary Science Teaching with English Language and Literacy Acquisition (SSTELLA) 

Edward Lyon,Co-PI 

Funded through the National Science Foundation from 2013-2019 (NSF Award #1316834

SSTELLA developed and implemented a secondary teacher education program intervention  in collaboration with university researchers and science teacher educators across teacher preparation programs in Arizona, California, and Texas. At the heart of the intervention was an instructional framework that emphasized the contextualized integration of language/literacy with scientific sense-making and discourse. Key aspects of the intervention included: Restructured science method courses at each participating university and workshops for pre-service teacher mentors. In the method course, multi-day anchor learning segments were developed and then modeled for the pre-service teachers to experience how science lessons look that embody the SSTELLA Framework. Pre-service teachers would also watch and discuss videoclips developed in collaboration with local science teachers in classrooms with English Learners to deconstruct the SSTELLA instructional practices. Finally, pre-service teachers were given opportunities to approximate these practices.The intervention was researched through a quasi-experimental design to understand its impact on preservice teacher knowledge, beliefs, and practice. 

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Publications : 

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