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General Advising

Answers to many of the initial questions you might have about the Sonoma State Single Subject Credential Program can be found on this website.

Questions aspiring teachers often have include: 

  • What is it like being a teacher? How much money do you earn? What is the need right now for particular subject areas?
  • What is the course load for the single subject program? When are classes typically offered? Are courses in person or online? 
  • What are the expectations and time requirements for the clinical practice part of the program?
  • Can I work while going through the program? How do I get a substitute permit? 
  • What if I want to take prerequisites at another institution? 
  • How can I meet the Basic Skills and Subject Matter Competence requirements?
  • How is the Residency program different? 
  • I completed my undergraduate degree years ago. Does any of my coursework still apply? How can I take the prerequisite courses? 
  • I’ve been teaching at a private school for years? What do I need to now earn my credential?

For questions not found on the website, we encourage you to reach out to Dr. Rajeev Virmani, our Advisor for Aspiring Single Subject Teachers. Dr. Virmani can provide more details about what it is like to be in the single subject credential program and teach in California schools. Dr. Virmani can direct you to people and resources to help you successfully apply for the single subject credential program. 

As you prepare to apply for the Single Subject Credential Program, consider when and how you will…

  • Complete (with a C or better) the two prerequisite courses: EDSS/EDUC 417 and EDSS 418)
  • Complete the 45 hours of pre-program field experience
  • Meet the basic skills requirement
  • Meet the subject matter competence requirement (see subject matter advisors below)

By completing a Education Minor, you can take courses to fulfill both the Prerequisite and Pre-Program Field Experience requirements. Courses (e.g., EDSS 410; MATH 390) Requirements) 

Potential Timeline

Freshman and Sophomore



  • Complete courses for your degree

  • Complete credential pre-requisite courses (EDSS 417 & EDSS 418)

  • Meet Basic Skills (CBEST or equivalent coursework)

  • Meet Subject Matter Competency (CSET, subject matter program, or degree)

  • Complete 45 hours of pre-program field experience

  • Apply! (applications open in November)

Note: This table does not include ALL admission requirements. 

Subject Matter Program Advising 

Subject matter program advisors will advise undergraduate and transfer students on entering and completing one of Sonoma State’s specialized undergraduate pathways into teaching. Subject matter program advisors will also advise anyone (regardless of whether you have already have an undergraduate degree or not) on how to prepare for the subject matter (i.e, CSET) exam or any alternative ways to meet the subject matter competence requirement. See the list of subject area advisors below.

Remember, you can apply for the single subject program with ANY major (including Liberal Studies), as long as you meet the subject matter competency requirement. 

Subject Area

Sonoma State Teacher Pathways (Sonoma State Degrees that Meet Subject Matter Competence)



None at this time

Rajeev Virmani


B.A. in English: Secondary Teacher Preparation Concentration


Theresa Burruel Stone;

Jennifer Johnson


B.A. in Mathematics: Mathematics Secondary Teaching Concentration 

Mathematics, Bi-Disciplinary Mathematics

Martha Byrne

Ben Ford


Christina Thao (MESA students)


B.M. in Music Education


Kim Mieder

Physical Education

None at this time

Rajeev Virmani



None at this time,  but coursework may be evaluated to wave CSET  

Steve Estes


B.A. in Physical Science: Teaching Concentration

Foundational Level General Science Subject Matter Program

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Earth Science

Alex Miller (B.A. in Physical Science degree)


Ed Lyon (CSET and other science teaching pathways)


Christina Thao (MESA students)

World Language

Spanish, French

Robert Train

Bilingual Added Authorization

Complete SPAN 427 and CALS 456 either before, during, or after the credential program.


Complete EDMS 465 during the credential program 

Rhianna Casesa

Computer Science Supplemental Authorization

Complete CS501, CS515, CS536, CS551, and CS570 before, during, and/or after the credential program.

Rajeev Virmani