MA in Education with a concentration in Reading and Literacy Application Instructions

MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION with a concentration in READING & LITERACY Application Instructions

How to apply:

Candidates will complete either a hard copy application, or an electronic application, depending upon their current enrollment status at SSU. 

Hard copy application: Candidates who are currently enrolled in a Stateside MA or Credential Program at SSU should contact the SoE Credentials Office for a hard copy application. If you are currently enrolled in an MA or Credential Program, you will NOT complete Cal State Apply. 

Email for application:

Electronic Application: Candidates who are NOT currently enrolled in a post baccalaureate program at SSU will apply to the University and to the program via Cal State Apply. Attach all required supporting documents to Cal State Apply.

Required Documents:

  1. Official Transcripts: One official transcript from each college or university you have attended. Official transcripts must be submitted electronically to: Please refer to the SSU website for additional information on submission of official transcripts. SSU: Transcript Submission.

  2. Official Letters of Recommendation: Two recent letters of reference (not more than one year old) must be submitted by your recommenders. 

Submission Requirements for Letters: Candidates that complete Cal State Apply MUST have their letters attached to this application by their recommenders. Candidates that only complete the SoE hard copy application will be provided instructions for submission of letters when they request the application from our office.

The letters must address the following:

  • How long the writer has known you and in what capacity

  • Your academic potential for graduate work

  • Your qualifications as a professional educator 

  1. A Professional Statement:  In order for you to document your current views and professional perspectives, please respond in 2-3 typed pages to the following items as part of your program application. Statement must be included with your application packet.

All Applicants:

How does advanced study in language and literacy fit into your professional and career path? How do you expect to use the knowledge and leadership skills that you gain?

Select two among the following prompts:

  1. What issues and topics do you wish to study regarding the learning and teaching of reading, writing and the other language arts?  Why?

  2. What instructional and evaluation practices seem promising to you for today’s multilingual and multicultural classrooms?  Why?

  3. How do students currently influence your classroom practice?  How would graduate study of literacy research and theory advance your teaching and better meet your students’ needs?

  4. What questions do you have about developing a successful language arts program at your level of teaching in today’s multilingual and multicultural classrooms?

  5. What questions do you have about students who struggle with reading and writing in English in school.

International Students: Please refer to the SSU website for additional admission criteria, documents and deadlines that are required of an international student.