MA in Educational Leadership Application Instructions


How to apply:

Candidates will complete either a hard copy application, or an electronic application, depending upon their current enrollment status at SSU. 

Hard copy application: Candidates that are currently enrolled in a Stateside MA or Credential Program at SSU should contact the SoE Credentials Office for a hard copy application. If you are currently enrolled in an MA or Credential Program, you will NOT complete Cal State Apply. 

Email for SoE application:

Electronic Application: Candidates who are NOT currently enrolled in a post baccalaureate program at SSU will apply to the University and to the program via Cal State Apply. Attach all required supporting documents to Cal State Apply.

Required Documents:

  1. Official Transcripts: One official transcript from each college or university you have attended. Official transcripts must be submitted electronically to: Please refer to the SSU website for additional information on submission of official transcripts. SSU: Transcript Submission.

  2. Photocopy of Administrative Services Credential; Please submit a photocopy of a valid California ASC (printout of your CTC webpage is acceptable).

  3. Two Candidate Evaluation Forms: Two reference/evaluations that indicate your leadership potential; at least one must be from a school administrator. Recommendations must be current and original (within the last 6 months). Your recommender should submit directly to: The Evaluation Form can be found on our forms webpage. 

  4. Professional Goals Statement: In this Professional Goals Statement, please present your professional career goals and why you are interested in participating in the SSU Educational Leadership program. In addition, please address the following: 

Describe your leadership experiences.

Include how you envision the program will contribute to your professional growth.

Review the School of Education's Mission Statement. Choose one of the 5 Core Values” and comment on why this is an important aspect of leadership and schooling.

Please limit your response to no more than three double-spaced pages and attach this statement to the application and include your name on your goals statement.

  1. Professional Resume: Please include references.