MA in Early Childhood Education Application Instructions

Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education Application Instructions

Checklist of Application Requirements

How to apply:

Candidates will either complete either a hard copy application, or an electronic application, depending upon their current enrollment status at SSU. 

Hard copy application: Candidates that are currently enrolled in a Stateside MA or Credential Program at SSU should contact the SoE Credentials Office for a hard copy application. If you are currently enrolled in an MA or Cred Program, you will NOT complete Cal State Apply. 

Email for application:

Electronic Application: Candidates that are NOT currently enrolled in a Post Graduate Program at SSU will apply to the University and to the program via Cal State Apply. Attach all required supporting documents to Cal State Apply.

Required Documents:

  1. Official Transcripts: One official transcript from each college or university you have attended. Candidates are required to provide official transcripts which contain at least one 3-unit college level course in child development theory and milestones (birth to age 8 or birth through adolescence). No internet printouts accepted.  It is recommended that official transcripts are submitted electronically to: Please refer to the SSU website for additional information on submission of official transcripts. SSU: Transcript Submission.

  2. Recommendations: Two recent recommendations (not more than one year old) must be submitted by your recommenders to: A link to the recommendation form can be found in Step 3 of the application checklist.

  3. A narrative statement of at least 750 words in which you answer the questions below. You do not have to list your answer to each question separately, but you should address all points in your narrative.

  • What are your career goals? How will you use your ECE MA degree to improve the lives of young children and their families? 

  • Describe your experiences with online learning. How will you ensure your success in this online program?

  • What development and learning theories guide your work with young children and families?

  • Briefly describe how you use current research to support your work with young children and families.

  • What are the most important issues in the field of Early Care and Education today? Please provide academic citations to support your position. 

Your responses will be evaluated on the organization and clarity of your ideas, conventional grammatical structure, appropriate use of academic language and scholarly potential. Please include references to academic or professional sources to support your points.

  1. Verification of 45 Hours of field work: The field work is a verified teaching or volunteering position in an Early Care and Education setting. If you do not have this experience at the time of the application, you may complete the hours before you begin the program. A link to the Field Experience Form can be found on Step 5 of the MA-ECE Application Checklist.

Once a completed application has been submitted, candidates will be notified in regards to an interview date. 

International Students: Please refer to the SSU website for additional admission criteria ,documents and deadlines that are required of an international student.