Administrative Services Credential Application Instructions

Administrative Services Credential Application Instructions

Students Complete:

Complete SSU graduate admission application on-line through Cal State Apply. Candidate is notified of acceptance to the university and of procedures for enrolling in classes including the payment of fees.

Documents to Submit

  1. Official Set of Transcripts: Provide one complete set of official transcripts of all previous colleges and universities attended with your application. Transcripts from community colleges and other colleges/universities must be obtained from the registrar of each of the institutions you attended. This includes all coursework taken through the most recent semester/summer school. Failure to include official transcripts will delay your application and may result in denial of admission. It is recommended that transcripts are submitted electronically to:

  2. Photocopy of Clear Credential: Please submit a photocopy of a valid Clear or Life California Teaching or Services Credential (printout of your CTC webpage is acceptable).

  3. Verification of five years of full-time teaching experience as a Teacher of Record (or appropriate services credential):   Include verification of full-time employment with teaching/services credential. Letter must contain exact dates of employment and estate full time status. Letter must be provided by the HR director or Superintendent. Letter must be on letterhead, and have the original signature of HR director or Superintendent.

Full-time experience for the ASC or CE is defined as teaching a minimum of four hours per days on a daily basis for at least 75% of a school year. Experience may be accrued in increments of a minimum of one semester. Day-to-day or other short-term substitute experiences are not acceptable.

  1. Two Candidate Evaluation Forms: Two reference/evaluations that indicate your leadership potential; at least one must be from a school administrator. Recommendations must be current and original (within the last 6 months). Your recommenders MUST upload evaluation forms and letters directly to CalState. The Evaluation Form can be found on our forms webpage. 

  2. Professional Goals Statement: In this Professional Goals Statement, please present your professional career goals and why you are interested in participating in the SSU Educational Leadership program. In addition, please address the following: 

    1. Describe your leadership experiences.

    2. Include how you envision the program will contribute to your professional growth.

    3. Review the School of Education's Mission Statement. Choose one of the 5 Core Values” and comment on why this is an important aspect of leadership and schooling.

Please limit your response to no more than three double-spaced pages and attach this statement to the application and include your name on your goals statement

  1. Professional Resume: Please include references

Basic Skills Requirement:  This is a State requirement for fundamental English and math skills required of all teachers. Please submit a copy of your passing scores for CBEST or approved competency to meet this requirement.